Thursday, May 7, 2015

Acrostic of Praise and Prayer

Note: After reading Psalm 25, written by David, I noticed the note at the bottom of page that said “This psalm is an acrostic poem, each verse beginning with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet.” I’m glad I read the note, since, being totally unfamiliar with the Hebrew alphabet, I wouldn't have recognized the psalm as an acrostic. And…even though I know nothing about the “mechanics” of David’s psalm, I tried my hand at writing the acrostic below, which, of course, is far less excellent than his! But the words came from my heart, as David’s did from his! Dear Reader, would you like to create an acrostic of praise and prayer?

Awesome God,
Blessed forever,
Creator of all,
Desire of the ages,
Forgive me for all my sins against you and others.

Give me peace—wonderful, indescribable peace.

Help me to praise You in all I do and say.

I humbly thank You in
Jesus’ name for blessing me, for
Keeping Your every promise, and for
Loving me more than my mind can conceive.

May You be honored and adored both
Near and far.

Open my eyes so that I may see Your
Perfection and purity.

Quietly now I wait before Thee,
Ready to do what You say,
Seeking to please You in all
Things, both great and small.

Unto Thee, O LORD, do I lift up my
Voice—and unto Thee, O LORD,
Will I do my work so that ordinary tasks become ways to honor and serve You.

X-ray my entire being, give me a thorough check-up, and then cleanse Me and heal me.

You, the One who can do ALL things, increase my

Zeal for You—not only for today but also for all the days You’ve planned for me.

Colusa National Wildlife Refuge is one of six refuges in the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex located in the Sacramento Valley of north-central California. The refuge is about 70 miles north of the metropolitan area of Sacramento.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Well-Crafted Stories

When a friend asked me to read the first three chapters (and the synopsis) of a fiction book she was writing, I gladly agreed. One morning I curled up with the 40+ pages and enjoyed a “good read.” Because I liked the two main characters she’d created and cheered for them as they grappled with painful emotions of the present (and the past), I was sorry when I reached the end of chapter three. I wanted MORE details about about how they’d find the true bliss I knew (from reading the synopsis) the author had planned for them. 

As I read my friend’s book, I recalled how much I’d enjoyed my few (and feeble) attempts at writing fiction. It’s really fun to bring characters to life and to choose what happens to them. I do a similar kind of thing when I create images with my camera. I get to choose what goes into the frame—and what doesn't.

God does that same kind of thing—only in a far, far greater way. As Max Lucado points out in his excellent book, When God’s Story Becomes Your Story, each life is “a crafted narrative written by a good God who is working toward your supreme good.”

God’s already written the book of my life—and yours, Dear Reader! We’ll just have to wait to “read” the remaining chapters!