Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Seen and Unseen


When I stepped outside to photograph the sunrise, I couldn’t see the sun, as I do most mornings here on Sanibel Island, Florida. Even though clouds obstructed my view of it, I knew God had caused it to rise again this morning as He has done every morning since He created it eons ago. How did I know? I saw evidence of it. Everything in my view was being bathed in brighter and brighter light. If the sun had not risen, there would have been no light to drive away the darkness that had reigned during the night. God was still on His throne, still running the world, still causing ALL things to work according to His purposes and His plans. 

I think of that often, especially when a crisis arises. I need not panic. God is in charge. He is ever faithful, ever wise, ever powerful. I can trust Him…and I do. Even though I can’t see HIM, I can see evidence that He is working. I can feel the peace He provides. I can praise Him for who He is and thank Him for ALL He does—seen and unseen.