Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Part of each day’s homework assignment in an online Bible study I took years ago involved writing what Beth Moore calls “God
Stops.” As instructed, I reflected on the day that was ending and listed the ways I sensed the observable presence of God that day.

Writing the GodStops was a real eye-opener! Although I know God is always near, as He has promised to be, I don't always sense His presence. But as I reflected on each day, I saw He was intimately involved in my life, and I felt the nearness of the One who loves me most. That delighted me and made me yearn to experience more of His nearness every day.

To further remind me of God's nearness, I often listen to one of my favorite songs: He Is Near, Hallelujah! I encourage you to click this link and then sing along:

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Don't Worry!

Some days are relatively carefree, but many are filled with uncertainties or fears or traumas or heavy loads of responsibilities—and sometimes a combination of them or other difficulties. (I’m speaking from personal experience!)

That’s why I’ve searched the Scriptures for answers as to how to deal with those things. Again and again, I have read the command, “Do not worry.” Yet, I continue to worry. Well, I say that I don’t, that I'm only “concerned” about the circumstances. But the truth is, “I’m worrying.” I often ask questions like these: “How will we manage? What will they do? What if...? When will...? Who will help me? Why doesn’t God...? How much longer?”

Why do I ask such questions? After all, I do believe that Jesus spoke the truth when He said, “The Father knows what you need.” I also believe that God loves me (and those I’m concerned about) and will supply the need in His time and in His way. Yet, I worry--some days more than others. Because I do, I need to memorize the words on this graphic I created and repeat them every time I'm tempted to worry. Perhaps you could benefit from doing that, too?