Saturday, April 8, 2023

Jesus, the Ever-Living One

 Jesus, the Ever-Living One

Before He made the heavens and the earth,
Before angelic hosts announced His birth,
Before His public ministry began,
Jesus was central to the Father's plan.

He came. He loved and served. And then He died.
His shed blood did our forgiveness provide.
Victorious, He arose to life anew,
To give life to sinners like me and you.

Because our Savior lives eternally, 
So shall we if in Him we do believe.
Thus God's Gift will continue on and on
Throughout the ages 'round the heav'nly throne.

All the redeemed will lift up holy hands,
And sing right along with the heav'nly band.
Saints will gladly praise Him for all He's done,
And thank God for the gift of His dear Son.
Jesus Christ, the Ever-Living One.

(c) April 2023 by Johnnie Ann Burgess Gaskill