Sunday, January 28, 2018

New Tapes

Somewhere along my journey through life, I developed a tendency to shy away from anything that’s difficult and/or scary. I’m know I’m not not lazy because I stay busy all the time. In fact, one of my dear friends jokingly calls me  “The Energizer Bunny.”

Despite my busyness, I don’t ever quite get around to taking steps to make my dreams come true. Oh, I spend lots of time reading about how to take those steps. I read glowing testimonies of others who’ve taken certain steps and are now living the life they’ve dreamed about. But me...????? I’m still "planning to", still trying to summon the courage to take those first steps, and still listening to the same old tapes in my head, the tapes that say, “Your work isn’t good enough!" "Girl, you’ll have to hang your head in shame!" "Then what will people think of you and your big dreams?”

Do you relate to what I’m going through? If so, let me share with you this verse, which I’ve read many times through the years, but which is now “coming alive” and “ringing true” with me. I’ve latched onto its truth like a desert-wanderer gulping life-giving water a fellow traveler shared with him.

The verse is in chapter four of the Old Testament book of Zechariah. The wording of the verse (v.10) varies from translation to translation, but the essence of the good news is this: The LORD our God rejoices to see His children begin the work He has called them to do. He doesn’t despise (that is, look down on or belittle) even the smallest efforts we make. If God doesn’t look down on them, then we shouldn't!

The verses preceding v. 10 also encourage us. By reading them, we discover that whatever God has called us to do is not to be done in our strength but in His! Whew! What a relief!

Those two truths have become the "new tapes" I’m listening to now. To remind me to focus on them, I'm going to put these graphics (included in this post) where I'll see them throughout the day. If you’d like to download them for your personal use or share them on Facebook, etc., please do so!

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