Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Don't Worry!

Some days are relatively carefree, but many are filled with uncertainties or fears or traumas or heavy loads of responsibilities—and sometimes a combination of them or other difficulties. (I’m speaking from personal experience!)

That’s why I’ve searched the Scriptures for answers as to how to deal with those things. Again and again, I have read the command, “Do not worry.” Yet, I continue to worry. Well, I say that I don’t, that I'm only “concerned” about the circumstances. But the truth is, “I’m worrying.” I often ask questions like these: “How will we manage? What will they do? What if...? When will...? Who will help me? Why doesn’t God...? How much longer?”

Why do I ask such questions? After all, I do believe that Jesus spoke the truth when He said, “The Father knows what you need.” I also believe that God loves me (and those I’m concerned about) and will supply the need in His time and in His way. Yet, I worry--some days more than others. Because I do, I need to memorize the words on this graphic I created and repeat them every time I'm tempted to worry. Perhaps you could benefit from doing that, too?

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