Saturday, March 12, 2022

Opportunities to Love

For several years, my daughter Jena donated blood regularly. Then she started donating platelets instead. One day, someone from the donation center called to ask if she'd come in and donate platelets again since Jena's blood matched that of a patient who needed surgery but could not have it until there was an adequate supply of blood products on hand.

Jena gladly donated. Afterward, she posted these words on Facebook:

The last few times I have donated platelets it has been for a specific person in need. I am an HLA match for them. In short, that means there is something rare about their blood, and they can’t receive help from most donors; but I am a match for them. Whenever I donate, I always think about it helping someone and pray it will be a blessing, but this has been different. [I'm] more acutely aware there is another person on the other end. Someone counting on me. A connection. A person going through a major trial and having a need they are relying on a complete stranger to meet. A family desperately wanting their loved one to be ok.  

I am giving platelets every time I am eligible… but I can do more than that to help! I believe in the healing power of my God and in the power of prayer. I believe God hears his children and that we can take everything to the feet of Jesus. I do not know this person. I do not know the situation or all of their needs, but God does. GOD DOES! Please add this person and their family to your daily prayers. Pray for healing, comfort, peace, and that God would make HIS presence undeniable. Let’s lift them up! 

If you have questions about how to give blood products and eligibility of donors please visit:

There is always a need, but the need is currently emergent.  

After I read her post, I gave thanks (yet again!) for having a daughter with a heart like hers! A heart that loves, not only in words but also in deeds [actions]. A heart that loves God and people. A heart that knows the power of prayer--and, thus, prays! 

May we, like Jena, welcome every opportunity to share God’s love with others. Even though we can't solve every problem for everybody, we can each do what we can to love and support one another. Even if we can’t donate blood or platelets, we can do something else. Even if we can’t do anything physical, we can pray for those who are struggling to make it through another day.

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