Friday, October 5, 2018

Still Standing

Whenever I pass by a chimney, I wonder what kind of house was once attached to it. I wonder about the people who lived there and what happened to them. I wonder what life was like for them.

Whenever I pass by a chimney, I also think about people who’ve suffered many losses, especially losses levied by Alzheimer’s. Those ravaged ones are much like a chimney. They remain, though so much has been stripped away from them, leaving few clues as to what their “house” (their life) was once like.

Perhaps their house had once been a beautiful one having many “rooms” filled with happiness. Perhaps precious children had once romped through those rooms and played in the yard. But time and Alzheimer's (as well as other diseases) had destroyed the house, room by room and piece by piece, leaving only a rock-solid chimney to remind passersby of the house that was once there.

When people pass by such a person, it’s obvious the house has been stripped away. Gone are the memories, the abilities, the personality, the awareness...that were evident in days gone by. Yet, the chimney still stands, reminding passersby that once there was more, much more, attached to it.

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