Friday, June 18, 2021

Five Minute Friday: Love Lifts

I wrote these words in five minutes in response to a writing prompt (lift) provided by Kate Motaung at

Since childhood, I’ve known the words to the old hymn, Love Lifted Me. But the older I get, the more those words mean to me. The Lord’s love lifts my spirits when I’m feeling down. It encourages me when I’m tempted to give up. It causes me to pause throughout the day and just thank HIm and praise Him.

Love from other people lifts me, too, as does the love I feel for others. Love for the work I do lifts me.

How does love lift you?


Liz Manning said...

Thank you for this. Reminded me of the Jackie Wilson lyrics: "Your love keeps lifting me, higher and higher"
Your FMF Neighbour #34

Tammy Kennington said...

Yes, He lifts me. Often, a kind word or a moment pausing to thinking about the gifts in my life helps redirect my thoughts.

Thanks for this reminder! Your neighbor at FMF,