Saturday, January 29, 2022

Yellow. Yellow. Yellow.

I smiled as I prepared a greeting card to mail to Linda, who has been my friend for over 50 years. (I’d chosen that card for her because it had so much yellow on it--and also came with a yellow envelope.) Below my signature, I wrote: “I remember how much you’ve always loved yellow. (You even did your bathroom in that color!) I’m hoping that this card will bring a smile to your face and add a bright spot to your room.”

That card triggered “yellow” memories. For instance, during the four years Linda and I attended the same college, the yellow rose was our class flower. Consequently, we and our fellow classmates sent and/or received yellow roses on special occasions.

I also love the sight of yellow daffodils that often bloom as early as mid-January. I think they add such a beautiful splash of color to winter’s drab landscape.

Although I seldom wear yellow clothing, I do love having that color nearby. Yellow leaves in the fall. Yellow corn on my plate. Yellow lemons on the trees in our yard. Yellow bananas in the fruit bowl. Yellow bell peppers in the garden. Yellow finches at the bird feeders.…

Why? According to Internet sources, most people associate yellow with happiness and spontaneity and gentleness. Some, however, associate yellow with jealousy and cowardice and greed. As for me, yellow helps me feel cheerful (and sentimental). So, I’ll continue to delight in splashes of yellow everywhere God graciously allows me to see them.

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