Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Just Bloom!

I like this photo of a flowering cabbage that was growing in a big pot outside a museum in Beaufort, South Carolina, in February. As I looked more closely at it as I was editing it, I took time to read about it. I learned that it grows best during the "Cool Season" of the year: Fall through early Winter. Unlike other plants that require warmer temperatures, the flowering cabbage begins to flourish when temperatures are below 50 degrees. Since many gardens look desolate and dead during the "Cool Season," the cabbage provides beauty that is appreciated by all who pass by.

As I reflected on that, I realized that beauty in an unexpected place and/or at an unexpected time appears more striking because of the contrast between it and its drab surroundings. Might that be true of our lives? When we are in difficult situations yet are flourishing in spirit, aren't we shining examples of the power of God to sustain us--no matter what's going on? 

Might it be that our Creator knows exactly where to place (plant) us so that we can thrive, even when conditions, seemingly, are less than favorable?

Might we do well to just bloom, without any complaining about the environment He chooses for us?


To everything there is a season... (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

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