Monday, February 11, 2019

Lessons from the 5K: #3--Realize Someone Is Watching Over You

Note: This is the third in a series of posts. Click here to read the previous one.

A law enforcement officer had been assigned to stay behind the last runner to be ready to provide any assistance any of the runners might need. Early on, when it was obvious that another lady and I were not able to keep up with the rest, the officer drove his vehicle alongside me and said, "If y'all need a ride, let me know."

I said, "I should be fine. I'm just slow and a bit wobbly because I'm still dealing with balance problems left over from a long bout of vertigo."

For the rest of the race, he followed a few feet behind me, never getting close enough to make me feel he was trying to make me go faster than I felt was a safe pace for me.

As I walked, I realized God was watching over me and that He had arranged for the officer to also watch over me and to help me if I stumbled and fell. That comforted me.

I thought about several passages of Scripture including these words written by David:

Lesson #3: We are never out of God's sight or out of His care. He even reminds us of that by letting us see the people He has placed nearby to assure and assist us! 

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