Thursday, July 9, 2015

Where's God?

Remember the "Where's Waldo?" books and images that were published in the late 1980s and became hugely popular. (Think multi-million.) The creator of the series would insert a small image of Waldo in the busy scene on each page. The viewer's job was to look and look and look in order to answer the question, "Where's Waldo?"

I thought of the "finding Waldo" challenge when I looked at the photo below and realized how hard it is to spot certain pieces of glass, say red ones, amid the myriad of other pieces of broken glass worn smooth by the years and years of relentless surging and swirling of the Pacific Ocean.

I thought of Waldo and the photo below when I read this sentence: You'll always find God in His Word. Actually, that's the BEST place to look. If you read the Bible carefully, you'll find info about Him on nearly every page. After all, the entire Bible is His Story! Look for Him. Learn about Him. Learn from Him. Learn to trust Him. That's far more exciting and life-changing than finding Waldo!!!!

Glass Beach (in Fort Bragg, California) was a city dump for over 20 years, but now is the repository of countless tiny pebbles of colored, polished glass that has been worn by time, water, and weather.

You will seek Me and find Me 
when you search for Me 
with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13, New American Standard Bible

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